Punk seminars (Innovative learning)

Innovative training for us means rethinking classic training schemes and values to adapt them to the needs of today’s companies. These are:

  • less time;
  • less budget;
  • focus on quick return on investment;
  • and direct applicability of the concepts assimilated.

Digital Punk training is mostly ad hoc on specific requests and typically after a thorough analysis of training needs. To help organisations in their choice, we also have a series of ready-made programmes, which can also be used as building blocks of a tailor-made project. In many cases these are then combined with coaching, shadowing and/or online courses (blended learning).

The courses in this list are classroom-based, either physical or virtual, for individual companies. If required, they can be organised in public facilities (hotels, conventions, meeting rooms, …) with quotation of additional costs. For details of each individual course, please refer to the detail sheets.

Upon request, we can help you explore the use of subsidised training to partially or fully contribute to your investment.

Category Seminar
Growing sales Researching new markets and contacts
Developing opportunities and leads
Strategies for growing existing customers
LinkedIn for your business
Social styles Interpersonal relations
Versatile salesperson
Versatile technician
Versatile manager
Communication Effective communication
Successful webinars
Nonviolent communication
Public speaking Successful presentations
Presenting data effectively
Sales presentations
Overcome the fear of public speaking
Personal development Personal growth within the team
Conflict management

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