What is a leadinar? Much more than the simple union of two words: lead (as in lead generation) and webinar!

It is a model for finding new potential customers or latent opportunities on existing customers. What is called lead generation in jargon is a list of names of people (and their companies) interested in a particular solution, either to evaluate it or because they have a project to do.

To make this search process more effective, we couple it with an informative, not strictly commercial webinar, realised with great care for content and visuals, as you can see in the example below.

What are the benefits of a leadinar?

The most immediate result is clearly the lead, i.e. a business opportunity for your sales department to handle.

This, however, is not the only one; in the course of the activity, contacts also emerge who perhaps do not have an existing project or a specific need for that solution, but are nevertheless interested in being contacted to learn about a potential new supplier.

Today, the databases that can be acquired are only useful for obtaining the references of companies in a given sector and public offices. Often, however, companies are interested in different contact persons (marketing, IT, facilities, … etc), and with the strict obligations imposed by the GDPR, it is not possible to find these lists. The profiling done during a leadinar serves to identify these persons, in particular those who may be the contact person for a certain solution, since in reality different people may compete for different company roles.

Another advantage that leadinars offer is to increase one’s network of connections on LinkedIn for both personal profiles (the sales manager, the owner, etc.) and company pages, creating a living pool of contacts also in the future.

Finally, during the project, information can be gathered from the market about the proposed solution, a mini-survey, which provides insight into customer demands and can also be spent as additional value in co-marketing activities with partners.

Summarising the benefits:

  • Database profiling
  • Network enrichment on LinkedIn
  • Business information directly from customers
  • Contacts interested in getting to know the company
  • Contacts interested in the proposed solution

What do we do for you?

Except going to customers with you, almost everything. Although in structured campaigns we like to be able to accompany you on a few visits to better understand how to set up lead-generation activities.

Depending on your needs we take care of:

  • Designing the activity
  • Help you find business partners who can co-finance it (and present it to them with you)
  • Retrieve the database of companies
  • Profiling the database
  • Enrich your LinkedIn network with contacts
  • Prepare the webinar presentation and registration page
  • Host that page
  • Cover the logistic and the enrollment process
  • Help you structure the webinar and its content
  • Recording it or broadcasting it live from your venue or at TV quality equipped studios
  • Streaming the webinar
  • All operational support (sound engineer, director, etc.)
  • Conduct it together with you
  • Building a marketing-automation system to follow up the webinar

Can I see an example of a webinar?

This is an italian project we recently realised for Juniper Networks together with our partner Sicab and recorded in a fully equipped studio.

How much does it cost me?

Less than you imagine!

OK is a recurring phrase, and we don’t know what you imagine. What we do know for sure is that we made this solution for small and medium-sized companies that do not have large marketing budgets, and often have to rely on business partners to co-finance (or fully finance) these activities.

The modularity of a leadinar allows you to choose the components according to the solution to be proposed, the target market and the budget available!

How can I find out more?

Contact us, it will be a pleasure to give you more information and study a solution tailored to your needs!