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How many of you at the mere mention of a company meeting start yawning? This is because all too often meetings at work are boring and uninspiring. Conducting a meeting effectively is of crucial importance to discuss crucial elements for the company such as working strategies and methods, strengths and weaknesses to be improved, and at the same time the opportunity to get to know each other better, manage projects together and motivate all team members.

This in theory. And in practice?

In practice, most managers struggle to involve all the participants in the meeting, to manage the running of meetings and to plan their correct frequency.

  • Total time spent in meetings has skyrocketed;
  • many meetings are poorly organised and consequently become a waste of time;
  • productivity decreases.

In order for companies to ride rapid change and react in a timely manner to new challenges, it is necessary to promote collaborative cooperation and accelerate decision-making. In short, one must aim to create digitised leadership to shape change.

How to do this?

… a solution!

The benefits of an agile approach to meetings are various:

  1. Improved collaboration thanks to digitised meeting processes,
  2. quick and easy meeting preparation, implementation and follow-up,
  3. smooth running of the meeting and simplified interaction between participants,
  4. individual voting on group decisions with the help of digital circular resolutions,
  5. secure access from any device (also offline) to all necessary and relevant company documents,
  6. accessibility at any time to documents on previous decisions and notes taken in meetings.

How to move to effective meetings?

Changing gears is very important. Any organisation can do it if it follows all the steps in this process in an orderly manner:

  1. Consensus on the decision to shift to agile meetings (for the whole organisation or just management);
  2. training of the key figures chosen to lead the change process;
  3. coaching and communication to all the people in the team;
  4. definition of company policies for meetings;
  5. use of digital tools to facilitate the preparation and conduct of meetings;
  6. gathering feedback from participants and continuous improvement.

Point 1. is up to you, we can help you with training (2.), coaching (3.), internal communication, drafting guidelines (4.) and collecting feedback (6.).

On digital tools to support the agile process. (5.) we have the answer ready!

Digital Punk selected Sherpany

Sherpany, with its innovative agile approach to meetings, digitised the process by creating a digital platform for managing formal meetings to make the before, during and after meetings effective, interactive and fast.

By adopting this collaborative platform, organisations can save up to 50 per cent of their time!

Ask us for more information on how to make your meetings more effective!

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