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We design and implement people training plans for soft skills: communication, management, sales and interpersonal relationships.

Training is an investment. If this acts directly on the company’s commercial activity then the return is even greater. Our training projects are designed around the goals you want to achieve and typically they include a mix of:

  • weighted assessment of each person with comparative analysis,
  • definition of measurable objectives (scorecard) and development path,
  • e-learning,
  • classroom workshops,
  • on-the-job training,
  • coaching,
  • follow-up manager,
  • life-long learning.

Active training

We strongly believe in:

  • practice must prevail over theory, greatly facilitating learning and helping retention;
  • the teaching environment must be real so that it is easier to quickly transpose the knowledge acquired in the daily job;
  • we have to build on the value of individuals to be effective for every level of familiarity of the participants and, at the same time, guaranteeing everyone a significant improvement.

Why blended learning?

The challenge for Human Resources, and all managers, is to be able to develop the skills of people faster and faster, with less time available and more prudent budgets. That is, stay up to date and competitive without losing productivity and spending as little as possible.

Blended-learning was created to meet the needs of customers, who are less and less able to stop people for training, budgets that require optimization and consider online courses to be mainly suitable for technical or refresher training.

What is it?

An effective mix of video courses, individual coaching and on-the-job training. Thanks to it, the modern benefits of online training (at any time, at your own pace, as many times as you want) are combined with the irreplaceable value of assisted practical experience and feedback from professionals.

How does the training work?

In recent years we have designed ad hoc programs, to adapt them to each customer. We normally start with a needs analysis activity, the adaptation or creation of an on-line course, the realization of on-the-job activities, individual coaching and finally, the final evaluation of the learning program and the follow-up for the managers of the people involved.

Your training plan now!

The education rule is simple, the sooner you start the sooner you enjoy the benefits. Don’t be shy, get in touch.