punk events

Do you want to organise an event that’s different from the usual, that helps you generate new business growth opportunities? Think punk events!

We help you conceive, choose, design, organise, conduct and follow up events that promote new opportunities (sales and otherwise).

What types of events can be punk?

There is no standard format that suits everyone, or one that cannot be rethought in a more innovative and effective way. Over the years we have brought Digital Punk ideas into:

  • Roundtables and meetings with potential customers (also with the help of Mice organisations)
  • Leadinars
  • Webinars from TV studios
  • Team building

Some events promoted by Digital Punk

Digital Punk presents the meeting promoted by Juniper Networks where we will talk about the challenges faced by today’s CIOs, and also CISOs, to succeed in a role that is constantly changing and put under pressure by digital transformation and pandemic.

esprinter extreme networks

Digital Punk presents a series of meetings on Extreme Network solutions promoted by Esprinet.

naes solutions panduit mifid ii data center

Digital Punk presents a topic of extreme interest to all trading companies (banks, sims, …etc) and those who provide data centres to such organisations.