SID in the box (Strategy, Identity & Digital)

The essential kit to increase the value of your company and get noticed by the market

What is SID in the box?

It is the bundle for your company’s growth path and value enhancement.

In an integrated solution the aspects that matter: strategy, corporate image and digital. It contains your business plan with an assessment of the competitive scenario and communication strategies, seo analysis, social and development guidelines.

Every company has a unique value, resulting from its history, expertise, solutions and customers. Building the right strategy is key to maximising its value.

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Why do you need SID?

ICT companies today operate in an environment impacted by rapid technological acceleration and sudden scenario changes that are difficult to predict. The most common challenges are:

  • need for continuous growth
  • margin reductions
  • market saturation
  • customer volatility

Many realities therefore decide to renew their business plan and, at the same time, increasingly evaluate the possibility of acquiring new companies to complete their portfolio of solutions, or of joining more structured realities to be more efficient and relevant

If you want to re-launch your business opportunities, SID in a box offers you a ready and tested model for sales expansion even in new vertical markets.

If you are looking for companies to acquire, a forward-looking strategy turns you into a buyer that offers a modern vision for your potential targets.

If you evaluate mergers or acquisitions from other companies, a business plan and a clear digital strategy significantly increase the value of your company. Organisations are acquired more for potential future value than for what they have done in their past. Our vision and partner ecosystem can help you towards a successful M&A.



We believe in sustainable growth, and to make it successful we always start with the strategy. But a winning strategy starts with defining objectives that must be SMART! (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound).

That is why we work closely with ownership and management to help define strategic development lines. A bit like an external board member, we bring our experience and an external point of view.



Identity (or corporate image) is how the company is perceived by the market. Our goal is to provide a precise and definitive ‘visual profile’ of the company that communicates the company’s founding values.

We work on communicative coherence and the creation of a coordinated and solid language for the recognisability of the company, its services and its products.



Although technology has become an integral part of our existence, it is not enough to incorporate it into one’s processes on a constant basis, today it is necessary to embrace digitisation in a native way.

It starts with developing the skills necessary to understand and use the new tools available in a rapidly changing market. We analyse the state of the organisation and propose a customised, pragmatic and measurable path.

What has been achieved with SID?

An Italian system integrator in just under 10 years has achieved and exceeded its goals:

  • turnover grew from 3 to 15 million
  • employees went from 20 to just over 70
  • from a single office in Turin (Italy), the company expanded over time with openings in Milan, Bologna and then the USA
  • the company started to generate profits and return on investment

Can SID also be applied to your company?

Get in touch with us and we will tell you within a week whether the SID in a box model can also be applied to your company.

Questions Asked Frequently (QAF)

What is the target company for SID?

SID in a box is designed for ICT companies from 10 to 120 people and with a turnover between EUR 2.5 and 60 million.

Are there any requirements my company must have in order to apply SID?

In order to bring maximum benefits SID in a box requires certain characteristics to be present in the company. Although these are not one-size-fits-all requirements, it is possible to make an assessment for each reality. Ask us for a free consultation and we will tell you if it is applicable to your organisation.

How long does it take?

SID in a box is crafted in 90 days, the time needed to acquire all the required metrics and produce a strategic plan.

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is nothing more than a marketing strategy recontextualised in the modern digital world. Digital marketing strategies first identify the goals to be achieved, plan the strategic corporate communication in terms of media and content, and become part of the corporate strategy and plan. In this form, they can also be seen as part of the business plan.

Is lead generation one of the digital strategies?

Lead generation is the generation of new sales opportunities, either by finding new potential customers (prospects) or by finding new sales opportunities on existing customers (upselling). In the B2B sphere, it is very common that lead generation is one of the main objectives of the digital strategy.

Do you have further questions?

Get in touch, we will answer all your questions.

Why Digital Punk?

30 years of experience have taught us to recognise in an overcrowded market who has the crest and is not wearing the old blue pinstripe. In particular that, for those without an unlimited budget, a calculated risk pays off far more than grey anonymity and wait-and-see. That is why we make our ideas and management experience gained in fast-changing technological markets available to clients. Our working methodology involves a continuous and accurate study of the reference scenario, a preparatory step to implement a strategic repositioning of the organisation and the portfolio of services with the aim of better responding to the current and upcoming needs of its clients, the very essence of what is generically defined as ‘added value’.

Our approach combines new ideas and pragmatism to aim for tomorrow with today’s tools.

Can I apply SID to my business?

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