clever growth


We provide ideas, strategies, knowledge and actionable points for organisations that are pursuing their dreams and fully embrace opportunities tied to technology and cultural changes.



Along with the company owners or the board, we help define a growth strategy and how to implement it.

We advise on strategic marketing, HR and operations.




We design and deliver learning programs on soft-skills, management and inter-personal communication.

We also enable new models like blended learning.



We activate customer business plans helping them manage their resources, whether internal and external, bringing in competences and services as needed.


Ideas that work



TV quality webinars as mean to lead generation and brand awareness.

sid digital identity strategy

SID in the Box

The simple to comprehend and apply solution for ICT companies that want to grow organically or through acquisitions.

CISO 27001

From our cybesercurity community an innovative, engaging and unique project.

A success story

What’s hot?

Social styles

Social styles are a topic that always generate a lot of interest when we talk about them, although it is not always clear what they are and what they are for. Some use the term relational intelligence and some improperly emotional intelligence. Social styles are often...

HOW HYBRID ARE YOU? When necessity becomes convenience

Tell us, in the last two years, have you never heard yourself say 'your microphone is off'? (What? You can't hear it, you're on mute!) . After countless meetings and online events, we can say that we have all become experts in these video conferences, or at least...

Digital Punk IPO on the stock market

Milan, today Digital Punk made a successful debut on the new stock market of the Milan Stock Exchange, at a placement price of EUR 33.69 and closing slightly lower after the first day's trading. The stock traded moderately over the course of the day, touching a high...


In chess, the saying goes: 'A bad plan is better than no plan at all'. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, on the other hand, said: 'In preparation for battle, I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable'. U-Lead Systems, Inc. The beginning of...

Meta Facebook (after or beyond?)

Why did Facebook decide to become Meta and what impact does it have on your digital strategy? The short answers are respectively: to avoid too strong an association with the main service and no, not at least in the short term. Meta and Facebook: at first glance There...

How do you develop a quality database with LinkedIn?

Permission marketing is a marketing strategy that requires the consent of the potential customer to be contacted or interviewed to receive commercial information and which serves to select the exact target to which the marketing activity should be addressed in the...

Strategic revenues

Strategic revenues is an idea that came to me this morning, but it starts from afar. In my career I ran sales departments in three different realities (multinational, Italian company and small company). I had the pleasure and honour of working together with many...

Happy 2021

2021 may not be another year, but another chance to make your dreams come true. We at Digital Punk will be by your side to toast and work together. To start off on the right foot, we will do a free training session with selected invitations. You can receive one by...

Digital Club Legal and IoT

We recently sponsored inside the Digital Club a community that deals with legal issues (Legal) in the digital field and one dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). They are two realities selected for the quality of the contents and the great potential to develop...

We are at Retail & Payments (Retail Forum)

On 29th October, Paolo Pelloni will moderate the second day of Retail & Payments, the event entirely dedicated to Digital Payments, Cash Management and Security for Physical Points, Digital and E-Commerce. Co-located within the historic Retail Forum which this...

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