Effective communication to promote value added services

Effective communication to promote value added services

The challenge

In the summer of 2020, Glocal Value asked our help to be more effective in communicating its value to the market. Value-added services with a functional go-to-market model, which needs to be summarized and enhanced. Recipients of the communication? Office & IT resellers, OEMs and end customers.

Glocal Value is a leading company in the print management solutions market, recognized nationally by the leading manufacturers of multifunction and printers for the high quality of the professional services provided. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge in systems engineering, and the experience gained in the field in the management of large projects, Glocal Value boasts prestigious end customers both in the corporate and enterprise world and in central and local public administration.
Glocal Value has successfully introduced the PaperCut MF solution as Authorized Solution Center for Italy and Italian Switzerland and is a founding member of IDEA, an alliance that brings together independent and international companies specializing in print and document management.

The strategy

We went to Caresanablot to learn about the company by the two founders and partners of the company. The history first, some in-depth questions and then the presentation as if we were the final recipients.

We have isolated and verified with them the fundamental drivers of the market, of the customers and the specific values ​​that Glocal Value puts into play for the various players in the supply chain:

  • manufacturers of multifunction and printers,
  • office and IT resellers,
  • system integrators and
  • final customers (although not selling directly to them).

Hence the need to create a modular presentation according to the context: conference, physical event, webinar, business meeting with new customers, new suppliers and potential partners.

The presentation also had to be able to be used as a document to be sent (slideument).

In the first case, the presentation had to support the partners’ excellent ability to explain, in the second the document had to be self-explanatory and able to communicate on its own.

The work was carried out with a joint iterative process of refinement of the presentation and related training on effective communication.

The solution

By analysing the existing presentation, the documents, the site and above all the brief provided we have focused on the central message to be communicated and the salient points in support of it.

A unique storyboard has been built on these which offers several advantages:

  • single message to all
  • simplicity of communication
  • clarity of the company’s role for the various contacts
  • consistency across all media

This structural setting is the matrix from which to create separate documents according to use (live presentation / webinar or sending) and according to the recipients (Office & IT resellers, OEMs and end customers).

effective communication glocal value 2

Only after having communicated the value offered to the market do we start to tell who Glocal Value is and why to choose it as a supplier and / or partner.

The business model and customer testimonials are perfectly consistent with what has been presented so far and are the corollary to the fact that Glocal Value is the perfect partner.

Once this system was validated together, we were then able to create the various presentations that were tested in the field.

effective communication glocal value 1

The narrative structure is common, the declination then adapted to the various situations. In the opening phase it is however important to capture the attention of the public, especially in a webinar or when used as documentation (where the recipient may decide not to continue).

We dedicated an important initial part to the PaperCut solution because in addition to being an important component of the offer, it well represents the advantages offered by an independent print management solution.

effective communication glocal value 3

How can Digital Punk help you?

As in this case, we can sit by your side and design together how you present yourself to the market.

We identify the key message to be transmitted and build the tools to make its communication to the market effective, for the persona we have defined as a goal.

Cover photo by Fernando Arcos from Pexels

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18 January 2021