Growth positioning for a system integrator

Growth positioning for a systems integrator
Growth positioning for a systems integrator

The challenge

In 2020, a historic company like IC (Integration Company) is asking us to help them through an important period of transition. Approaching its 40th birthday, the company is undergoing a managerial and market positioning renewal. The challenge is to build on the historicity, but position the market on new opportunities.

The strategy

The proposed strategy is based on two equally important parallel strands. The first is to align existing digital tools with the new positioning and create missing ones. The second is to work on relationships with business partners (mainly reference vendors) to build a deeper relationship with mutually profitable business benefits.

The solution

We started with a new website, as the existing one did not convey Integration Company’s broad offering. To be effective while containing the budget, we focused heavily on images that convey the quality of the solutions. We then created targeted insights on certain topics to have SEO positioning where important and to generate requests for offers.

For the growth of the ecosystem, we mapped out the vendors, identifying the most strategic ones and the partners with whom we could work more closely, as well as evaluating which ones we could create a relationship with.

Halfway through the project, we included several training days for the benefit of the company’s entire sales structure.

The Results

The vendor relationships brought new alliances and, above all, reinvigorated some existing ones, even creating comarketing activities such as a successful webinar together with Axis and Cambium Networks (with the leadinar idea in mind).

By combining a few posts and pages on the site with an SEM (paid advertisement) activity based on Google ADS and Facebook ADS, we were able to position IC in the top three in searches for thermoscanners with green passes. This generated over 100 requests for offers in the first few months alone. These not only generated orders, but also became opportunities to propose other solutions from our own offer portfolio. The positioning on Google has persisted over time and generates new contacts.

Perhaps the most significant KPI is that in 2021 IC has doubled the number of bids made, sowing the seeds for growth over time and a solid market positioning.

How can Digital Punk help you?

As shown in this experience we can help you in the creation of a growth strategy, its communication within the organisation and to the partner ecosystem. We also support your people in implementing the defined strategy.

The system integrator growth model is applicable to many comparable realities and not only in the IT sector.


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21 August 2022

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