A system integrator sustainable growth

system integrator growth

The challenge

In 2008 the Turin based system integrator Gruppo Sintesi (Sirecom Srl), with a consolidated structure and an enviable know-how recorded no growth, indeed a significant decrease in turnover in the last three years essentially due to two factors: the ongoing global financial crisis and above all the emergence of new technological paradigms that was jeopardizing the business model of small IT service companies.

The strategy

To change the course of history, the company had the courage to make a radical choice by deciding to focus on three directions:

  • the evolution from the role of generalist system integrator to a company with a strong focus on the enlarged retail market, from large distribution to fashion houses,
  • the streamlined offering portfolio on few elements with high added value (digital infrastructures, UC, networking and cabling), giving up other historically important activities (software development, training, traditional IT, etc …),
  • inverted marketing, based on strong partnership with vendors and stakeholders in the reference market.

The solution

Before even defining the strategy, together with the management we made an assessment of the state of the company and the customer portfolio, verifying the distribution of turnover, the most important partners and the granularity of orders by customer.

The next step was the drafting of a detailed business plan and, even more important, sharing it with every single person in the company.

We then defined the strategy and identified some implementation actions such as the opening of the Milan offices where most of the retail customers and reference vendors are located.

We have aligned the corporate image with the trusted advisor model we were aiming for. Finally, we presented the strategic plan to the main technology partners (Cisco, HPE Aruba, Commscope).

The results

In just under 10 years, the set objectives were achieved and exceeded:

  • turnover increased from 3 to 15 million.
  • The number of people employed went from 20 to just over 70.
  • from the single office in Turin, the company has expanded over time with the openings in Milan, Bologna and then the USA.
  • The company has begun to produce profits and return on investment.

How can Digital Punk help you?

As shown in this case, we can help you in the creation of a business plan, in its communication within the organization and with the ecosystem of partners. We also support your people in the implementation of the defined strategy.

The system integrator growth model is applicable to many comparable realities not only in the IT sector.


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15 September 2020

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