Overcome the fear of public speaking

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking is a two-day training programme aimed at glossophobia, which is quite common. The good news is that anyone can overcome it and become a successful speaker.

Are you nervous when you have to give a presentation? Do you hate public speaking?

How many times have you missed an opportunity because of the tension of speaking in front of an audience?

Who is it for?

Public speaking is an essential skill for all of us, and not being able to communicate successfully can be a major obstacle to promoting one’s career.

✔ Anyone who is reluctant to make presentations
✔ Anyone who is tense when speaking to a large or small audience

overcome fear public speaking

Objectives of the days

The two days are divided into different phases, all of them very interactive. Their aim is to develop several points including:
✔ Understanding and getting to know fear.
✔ Analysing and addressing the factors of fear of public speaking.
✔ Which exercises can help.
✔ How to turn it into a positive factor.

Why is overcome the fear of public speaking particularly beneficial?

The first advantage of the programme is that it is not a course but rather an environment that enables participants to deal with nervous tension not through theory but through interaction and direct, personal experience.
✔ Each participant is incentivised to follow his or her own personal characteristics, and to overcome his or her own fear.
✔ The focus is on practical aspects and concrete, achievable results.
✔ Presentation sessions allow the concepts to be applied in a safe and stimulating environment.
✔ Each participant is provided with an initial benchmark and visual proof of progress at the end of the two days.
✔ The interactive environment is enriched by the experience of Paolo Pelloni who has helped hundreds of people improve over 25 years.


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility. The recommended number of participants is between 4 and 7, the maximum number is 10.