Successful webinars

Successful webinars is a 6-hour training programme that is ideal for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of creating and conducting effective webinars.

For years, webinars have been a new and highly effective form of communication as they make it possible to reach large audiences at low cost by breaking down distances and optimising people’s productivity. While their success was growing thanks to the sad experience of the coronavirus-related health emergency, they are now the main form of communication and promotion for many realities.

The peculiarities of this form of communication require some specific precautions both in the preparation phase and during the actual conduct.

What are the most common mistakes many people make? How can they be avoided?

Who is it for?

If almost everyone has jumped on the bandwagon in the running, only a few, however, know the secrets of the trade for delivering webinars that bring concrete results. If you have attended other people’s webinars you know that only a few are truly engaging and deliver on audience expectations. This programme is aimed at:

✔ Anyone who wants or needs to realise webinars

✔ Anyone who wants or needs to give webinars

Successful webinars

Objectives of the days

The programme provides a method and all the instructions for those starting out now together with tricks and a series of simple tips that can also be applied by those already experienced:
✔ The key guidelines for effective webinars
✔ How to properly prepare a webinar
✔ How to conduct a webinar correctly
✔ What to do before and after the webinar
✔ What technical aspects are important for a successful webinar

Why is Successful webinars particularly beneficial?

The work done is immediately applicable in any context by any participant.

✔ Every participant is directly involved
✔ The use of concrete examples makes the theory understandable and engaging
✔ The topics touched upon are all practically applicable
✔ Exercises can be created to apply the content in a specific context


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility.