LinkedIn for your business

LinkedIn for your business is a four half-day training programme designed for all those who want to learn how to use LinkedIn better and apply it to lead-generation.

Who is it for?

✔ Sales and commercial managers
✔ Company owners
✔ People in sales or new business development
✔ Marketing

linkedin for your business

Objectives of the days

The four half days cover the following topics:
✔ How to develop and manage LinkedIn profiles
✔ How to develop and manage LinkedIn company pages
✔ Creation of new business relations with direct business impact

Why is LinkedIn for your business particularly beneficial?

The first merit of the programme is that it is not a course but rather an interactive environment that allows participants to adapt its content to their business and apply them immediately.
✔ Each participant is incentivised to work on actionable items.
✔ The focus is on practical aspects and concrete, achievable results with measurement.
✔ The activity is applied on the basis of each participant’s prospects or market.
✔ It is easy to understand which features of LinkedIn can be useful for the business (including premium programs).


The course can be organised at your location, in an external facility or even by video. The four 4-hour modules can also be consecutive, if in attendance.

Integration with other programmes and customisation

We can also create ad hoc projects to meet the specific needs of each reality. Content and didactic form can be adapted to special requests by integrating additional practical workshops.