Nonviolent communication

Nonviolent communication is designed for those who wish to acquire basic skills in empathic communication useful in any relational context and especially in difficult relationships, moments of tension and interpersonal conflicts.

Nonviolent communication is based on deep listening and contact with reciprocal needs and enables one to deal with confrontation and dialogue in a conscious and responsible manner.

The ability to keep relationships alive and vital, even by going through conflicts in a constructive and regenerative manner, is of fundamental importance to build and maintain a healthy and safe environment within organisations and in interpersonal relationships.

Who is it for?

The quality of communication affects every sphere of our human experience and the usefulness of CNV manifests itself in both work and private life relationships.

Some examples from the work context are:

✔ Managers and Executives who represent the company and wish to express values such as inclusion, empathy, responsibility in communication through their way of being in the relationship.
✔ HRs and Business Partners involved in the front line of wellness and personal care issues.
✔ Managers and Team Leaders who need effective communication tools on a daily basis and who in their operations are often involved in critical phases that require interpersonal skills and sensitivity.
✔ Function managers (Procurement, Sales, Marketing, IT) who have to deal with networks of people (partners, suppliers, etc.)
✔ Professionals
✔ Trainers and Coaches
✔ Associations
✔ Start-ups

nonviolent communication

Objectives of the days

These are the main objectives of the course:

✔ Learn how to observe and recognise your current modes of communication
✔ Experiencing Empathic Communication
✔ To know and understand the 4 Steps of Nonviolent Communication

Why is Nonviolent communication particularly beneficial?

Because it is not a course and is not conducted by trainers: it is a basic experiential workshop in which through the sharing of brief notions and direct experimentation the facilitators accompany people and the group in a conscious learning process that concretely supports habit change.

Because the multidisciplinary and Realaionary skills of the Facilitators (Marco Guzzini: Engineer and mindfulness counsellor, Giovanni Farone: Lawyer and mindfulness counsellor) favour the contextualisation of the contents and the exploration of the different levels of experience.


The Introduction to Nonviolent Communication Course is structured over 16 classroom hours, in presence or in synchronous virtual mode (can be organised in 2 or 4 modules).