Storytelling is a 6-hour training programme ideal for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of the art of using stories to engage audiences.

Since the dawn of time, human beings have been learning through storytelling. Storytelling has the ability to make even topics that are not necessarily attractive interesting and curious.

Who is it for?

The topic is dealt with by mixing the conceptual level with practical aspects and is therefore of interest to:

✔ Managers and owners representing the company
✔ Marketing and communication people who want to integrate storytelling into their activities
✔ Sales people, technicians and anyone who wants to increase their exposure skills or benefit from this technique.


Objectives of the days

The programme aims to provide conceptual guidelines using concrete examples of application in communication, advertising and history. The objectives are:
✔ To introduce and understand storytelling, where it comes from and why it is so important
✔ The different areas in which it is used
✔ The classical (archetypal) models
✔ How to build engaging stories
✔ Using the correct tone-of-voice.

Why is Storytelling particularly beneficial?

The high use of examples and references makes it extremely engaging and effective.

✔ Every participant experiences successful examples first-hand
✔ The use of concrete examples makes theory comprehensible and engaging
✔ Discussion sessions allow what has been seen to be put to the test
✔ Exercises can be created to apply the content in a specific context


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility.