Successful presentations

Successful Presentations is a two-day training programme designed for all those who need to make presentations, formal or informal, which must be clear, effective and convincing.

Training is an investment. If it acts directly on the core components of a company’s business activity then the return is even greater. Presentation skills are vital for sales, negotiation, motivation and public information. The success or failure of external activities may depend on them.

Who is it for?

Public speaking is an essential skill for all of us. Over the years, Successful Presentations has helped those who needed to spread ideas, seek funding, sell products (or solutions), communicate results, promote change or solicit votes.

✔ Executives representing the company by speaking to customers, shareholders, public authorities and employees
✔ Marketing, sales or administrative people who have to make informative and persuasive presentations to customers, suppliers or colleagues
✔ Managers whose task is to inform, convince or motivate their co-workers or superiors to action through demonstrations, formal or informal speeches
✔ Professionals who speak in public
✔ Start-ups, non-profit and voluntary associations that need to promote their message or seek funding
✔ Politicians

successful presentations

Objectives of the days

The two days are divided into different phases, all very interactive. Their aim is to develop several points including:
✔ Clarifying the importance and fundamental aspects of presenting.
✔ Providing an effective method for preparing presentations properly.
✔ Identify and enhance the personal speaking qualities of each participant.
✔ Use visual aids correctly
✔ Create confidence and familiarity in public speaking.

Why is Successful presentation particularly beneficial?

The first advantage of the programme is that it is not a course but rather an environment that allows participants to improve themselves not through study but through interaction and direct, personal experience.
✔ Each participant is encouraged to follow his or her own personal characteristics instead of conforming to predetermined models.
✔ The focus is on practical aspects and concrete, achievable results.
✔ Presentation sessions allow concepts to be applied in a safe and stimulating environment.
✔ Each participant is provided with an initial benchmark and visual proof of progress at the end of the two days.
✔ The interactive environment is enriched by the experience of Paolo Pelloni who has helped hundreds of people improve over 25 years.


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility. The recommended number of participants is between 4 and 7, the maximum number is 10.