Effective communication

Effective Communication is a 6-hour training programme ideal for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of communication in the workplace.

Communication is a two-stage process: transmission and reception. Being effective means improving both, and often the critical points lie in reception.

Who is it for?

Communicating is the basis of relationships with others, even outside the professional environment. The ability to dialogue and influence others is crucial for career and success.

✔ Anyone who wants to improve their communication and ability to relate to others.

Effective communication

Objectives of the days

The programme provides the fundamental communication concentrations and tools for setting up an improvement path. The objectives are:
✔ The principles of communication
✔ Improving active listening
✔ How to simplify one’s communication for the receiver
✔ How to influence decision-making processes.

Why is Effective communication particularly beneficial?

The work done is immediately applicable in any context by any participant.

✔ Every participant is directly involved
✔ The use of concrete examples makes the theory comprehensible and engaging
✔ The topics touched upon are all practically applicable
✔ Exercises can be created to apply the content in a specific context


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility.