Sales presentations

Sales Presentations is a two-day training programme designed for anyone who needs to make presentations to promote a solution or product.

Presentation skills are crucial when it comes to effectively communicating products and solutions with a high degree of complexity. The success or failure of external activities may depend on it. The most modern research shows that most presentations, in the order of 9 out of 10, make incorrect use of visual aids with the result of not motivating the audience. Yet in a sales cycle, be it short or long, presentations are often the key moment for the transition to the next phase until the materialisation of the sale.

Who is it for?

Public speaking is an essential skill for all of us, over the years Sales Presentations has helped those who had to sell solutions or products.

✔ Managers who have direct customer relations
✔ Sales people who have to make presentations to customers and potential customers

sales presentations

Objectives of the days

Two days entirely dedicated to understanding the key factors for motivating an audience to make a decision and how to convey them in a presentation. The approach is specific to sales presentations, both direct and indirect. It is not a workshop to learn how to sell, rather it leverages on the didactics of sales courses to understand how to amplify these skills in the context of a presentation or when we have to speak in public:

✔ Clarify the importance and fundamental aspects of presenting.
✔ Provide an effective method for preparing presentations properly.
✔ Identify and enhance the personal speaking qualities of each participant.
✔ Use visual aids correctly
✔ Create confidence and familiarity in public speaking.

Why is Sales presentations particularly beneficial?

The seminar is very interactive with little theory, just the basics, and the rest of the time devoted to individual work to put the insights into practice and to gain confidence in the topics covered.
✔ Each participant is encouraged to follow his or her own personal characteristics, instead of conforming to predetermined models.
✔ The focus is on practical aspects and concrete, achievable results.
✔ Presentation sessions allow concepts to be applied in a safe and stimulating environment.
✔ Each participant is provided with an initial benchmark and visual proof of progress at the end of the two days.
✔ The interactive environment is enriched by the experience of Paolo Pelloni who has helped hundreds of people improve over 25 years.


The course can be organised on company premises or in an external facility. The recommended number of participants is between 4 and 7, the maximum number is 10.