Paolo Pelloni

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Who is Paolo?

Chess player and programmer by birth, communicator and innovator by essence.

Thanks to his kaleidoscopic know-how, he has held management positions in large multinationals and medium-sized companies both in Italy and abroad.

These experiences and a lot of passion have allowed Paolo to turn more and more towards consultancy and training in strategic marketing and sales.


What can you ask him for?

His videos, courses and social media posts are the first thing that comes to mind…. but whatever the topic, just open a ticket…. and his answer is guaranteed!!!!!

Or take a look at his video courses!

He leaves you with this sentence

“Training is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire

– W. Yeats*”

*the attribution is not entirely certain and Socrates also seems to have said something similar. Nobody’s Paul puts his own signature on it. But it is too true and beautiful for him to take authorship.


Yes, but what do the others say?

“When I first saw the work that Paolo had designed and prepared to present our company, I confess I went into a bit of a crisis. But how, I thought, I have spent my whole life in this company and I have never been able to present it to my interlocutors as Paolo did. Of grasping its winning characteristics and highlighting them and giving it value. It seemed impossible to me that a ‘stranger’ could tell so much about my company and in such a clear, professional and convincing way as I would never have been able to do. Fortunately, I already knew Paolo and I then rationalised that it was thanks to his remarkable competence and great professionalism that all this was possible; exactly as it happens to each of us when we are called upon to try our hand at our specific skills. Great Paolo.” – Massimo Ivul, Managing Director Sirecom S.r.l.

“What did I learn with Paolo? To convey my message more effectively. Even outside the work sphere. Paolo’s course got me so involved that I repeated it (voluntarily) two years later, taking about ten colleagues with me.” – Carlo Secchi, General Manager TC System SA

“Paolo, through his ‘successful presentation’ course, opened my eyes to something that, although it may seem so banal and obvious now, had never been so clear to me: I am the message! All it took was a few words and the power point myth fell away: I had always thought that the first step in preparing a perfect presentation was to open power point and start filling the slides with words, special effects, diagrams and tables, and that once the presentation was over my work was done; now everything has changed: now the first thing I do is take pen and paper (yes…pen and paper) to set objectives and messages to launch and leave. And then hours and hours in front of a mirror to try, try and try again. The result is still not the best, but now I have all the tools I need to do a great job: thank you Paolo!” – Paola Poggianella, HR Manager Area SpA

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