Carlo Borello

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Who is Carlo?

Engineer by birth, strategist by essence.

A long experience in the ICT channel is the basis of an extensive network of contacts in vendors, distributors and system integrators.

Different roles, technical, then commercial and finally management have allowed him to develop versatility and lateral thinking to face challenges in sales, marketing, HR and training.

What can you ask him?

Strategy and business plan are the first things that come to mind, but we would forget Carlo’s wealth of relationships! Would you like to get in touch with any organisation or someone specific? Even if Carlo doesn’t already know him, he can certainly help you find your way.

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He leaves you with this sentence

I like to identify market trends and understand our clients’ wishes. My passion is to define the right strategy to meet clients’ needs with a portfolio of ‘best in class’ services. I am a strong believer in the law of persistence: “If you really want to achieve your goal and work hard to do so you will achieve it!”

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